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Facing the country, radiating Asia-Pacific, creating an industry event

  The 9th CPC National Congress included promoting the construction of ecological civilization as an important chapter in the report of the 18th CPC National Congress and the revised Party Constitution. China is a big mining country, but the grade of most mine resources is low, and a large amount of tailings is discharged in the mineral processing process. Tailings are the waste minerals discharged by the concentrator after grinding the ore and selecting "useful components" under specific economic and technological conditions. it is the main component of industrial solid waste, and long-term stacking will cause serious environmental pollution and harm. It contains a certain amount of useful metal and non-metallic minerals, which can be regarded as a kind of "composite" silicate mineral material and a potential secondary resource with fine grain size and large quantity, and most of the tailings can be used for sand making. Sand and gravel aggregate is closely related to the survival and development of human beings. when human beings are used to build and transform the world, tens of billions of tons of sand and gravel aggregate are consumed every year. In recent years, the problem of non-standard mine development is very prominent, mining soil and water loss is serious, the problem of resource-exhausted cities is prominent, the output of waste water is large, the recycling efficiency is low, and the stock of solid waste is large, which has caused serious pollution to the environment.

    The 2024 Beijing International Sand and Gravel and tailings and Construction waste disposal Technology and equipment Exhibition will comprehensively build a platform for communication, cooperation and procurement between supply and demand through brand product exhibitions, project docking, trade negotiations, theme forums and other activities. Industry policies, standards and norms have been gradually improved, and the concepts of green production, green transportation and green mine construction have been highly concerned and responded positively by the majority of enterprises. The introduction of advanced technology and equipment from all over the world provides a rare opportunity for the import and export of sand and gravel mining technology and equipment.

     The 2024 Beijing International Sand and Gravel and tailings and Construction waste disposal Technology and equipment Exhibition will be held at Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 7 to 9, 2024. Since the establishment of the 2023 Beijing International Sand and tailings and Construction waste disposal Technology and equipment Exhibition, it has been a regular meeting of the industry and an industry event in China, which has been successfully held for eight times. it has been regarded as an international feast by domestic and foreign sand and gravel and tailings and construction waste disposal manufacturers and related service providers.

2024北京国际砂石及尾矿与建筑废弃物处置技术与设备展览会   京ICP备17045437号-5
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